GoodGuide’s Good News Round Up – February 2018

In February, the GoodGuide App was included in a few blog posts …

1) Curbly’s Top 9 Ways to Maintain New Years Goals.

Featured as an easy way to help you purchase products that match up with your values. Whether that’s choosing more organic food, less toxic household cleaners, or cruelty-free cosmetics. We love being included in these types of lists!

2) Mind Body Green’s Sustainable Eating Tips.

Highlighted as being able to give consumers quick information on the food you are about to purchase while in the grocery store. We love hearing how consumers use the GoodGuide App to grocery shop smarter.

We love to see how consumers are using our app and product ratings to make better purchases. If you include us in an article or post, send it to us directly or tag us!

A Few Interesting Industry News Bits from February…

Scotland Announces Microbead Ban
The Scottish government announced it will prohibit the sale and distribution of rinse-off personal care products that include microbeads in the formulation, beginning in June 2018. This follows an announcement of a similar ban by the Welsh government in early 2018 and the newly implemented first phase of a microbead restriction by the UK government.

You can read more information and find links to the previous announcements on Chemical Watch. Or see our recent coverage of the US efforts to ban the microbead.

US Grocery Chain Trader Joe’s ‘pursuing phenol-free receipts’
BPA and BPS are two chemicals commonly found in register receipts, according to a recent report by the Ecology Center—a Michigan-based organization that promotes greener practices. Their study found BPA and BPS in 93% of the 208 register receipts they tested, coming from a variety of businesses including retail stores, gas stations, and ATMs.

Soon after the results were published, Trader Joe’s issued a statement that they are pursuing receipt paper that is free of phenol chemicals, including BPA and BPS, and rolling out the replacement paper to all stores as soon as possible.

Read the complete story written by the Los Angeles Times here >>

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GoodGuide's mission is to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. The team behind creating this blog content includes GoodGuide's science and product teams, industry experts, and guest bloggers.
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