GoodGuide’s Top-Rated Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Stocking stuffers and secret Santa gifts often include cheap toys, inexpensive gadgets, and single-use plastic trinkets. With some simple strategies, we can make over these types of presents into well-loved gifts that are less toxic, won’t end up in a landfill, and carry few or no health concerns.

For Adults:
Americans use, on average, 10 or more cosmetics products every day. This includes shampoo, lotion, makeup, and fragrances. With dozens of ingredients in each product, this group of products can contribute to chronic exposure to potential hazards. A top-rated lip gloss, moisturizer, or hair gel fits perfect in a stocking or bundled together as a small gift.

Here are a few more top-rated personal care products that would be well-loved:

  1. Top GoodGuide Rated Stocking Stuffers & Secret Santa Gift IdeasBubble Bath
  2. Nail Polish
  3. Face Moisturizer
  4. Lip Balm
  5. After Shave Oil
  6. Skin Care
  7. Moustache Wax 

For Kids:
Children are especially vulnerable to exposures to hazardous chemicals — Given their size and the immaturity of their bodies, babies and young children face a greater health risk from exposure to chemicals than adults. Kids breathe more air and have more skin surface per pound of body weight than adults. As a result, the same amount of a toxin can have a larger impact on our children than adults.

Fill their stockings with fun products they will love to use. Here are a few top-rated gift ideas to get us started:

  1. Bubble Bath, plus it comes with a bubble wand!
  2. Nail Polish & Nail Polish Remover designed for kids!
  3. Organic Snacks instead of candy in their stockings.
  4. Granola Bars for their next adventure.



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