At last! GoodGuide’s site is mobile and responsive

Homepage is now mobile & responsive

GoodGuide’s product ratings are now available everywhere, using any device—no download needed. In an effort to enhance your experience, we’ve made some upgrades to our website. Beyond the most noticeable color refresh, now you can search for a product or browse through a category from your smartphone in a grocery aisle, from your office computer, or on your tablet from the subway.

Improved Visibility for Health Ratings

health rating iconsWe know the health rating of a product is one of the things you depend on GoodGuide for, so we moved the health score front and center for all products. A quick glance through any search results page, category or subcategory page will show you the health score of all products listed. Click on any product to get to a product page where you’ll find the complete rating details, learn what’s behind each rating, get detailed information about ingredients of concern, and use our “buy now” buttons for the products that meet your personal criteria.

By focusing on the health score of each product you can quickly look at a list of products and find what you are looking for by scanning through the color coded icons—dark green is best, light green is good, yellow signals a score below 6.0, orange signals a score below 5.0 and red carries the lowest product score and highest health concerns.

top of homepageGoodGuide’s homepage is a great place to start your hunt for better products. You can still browse by category or search by product name, ingredient or brand all from the large search box at the top of the homepage.

We’ve also added a quick view into two of the most popular bottom of homepageproduct categories, shampoo and packaged food, at the bottom of the page.

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line in the comments or at and let us know what you love, and what you think we could keep improving.


The GoodGuide Team

About GoodGuide Team

GoodGuide's mission is to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. The team behind creating this blog content includes GoodGuide's science and product teams, industry experts, and guest bloggers.
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