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Some of the most vulnerable skin on our body is found on our face. Typically left exposed to the elements, the skin our face and lips is an important place to take special care of.

Lip products have long evolved from the days of the original tubs of Vaseline and Carmex. Now packed with products from tints and sunscreens to gloss and moisturizers, the lip care product aisle can get confusing quick.

Ever heard the urban myth about Carmex being addictive? How about the creators of lip balms purposefully adding drying ingredients making lip balm repurchases often and necessary. Snopes tell us these old rumors just aren’t true.

Goodguide has rated more than 10,000 lip products — include that one! See the complete category of lip product ratings here, or check out the ingredient list of the original Carmex here.

“Lip cosmetics are used by the vast majority of women, with nearly nine out of 10 (87%) reporting usage. Of those using lip cosmetics, 67% look for moisturizing/hydrating claims while 61% seek out long-lasting lip wear and almost half (48%) are swayed by lip softening properties.”

The lip cosmetic industry is on track to reach $1.4billion in sales this year. If you are anything like me — you’ve purchased your fair share of lip products that just weren’t for you. Wrong texture, poor ingredients, bad taste or wrong color. Lip products are important to many people, but not exactly the type of product you can try out before purchasing, right?

Before you stock up on lip balm from your favorite store, browse through the lip care category, where you’ll find more than 13,000 products with scientific ratings and behind-the-label insights on potentially harmful ingredients.

5 tips for choosing the right lip product

1) Read the label & skip the products that include:
ingredient list

Parabens (ethyl, propyl, methyl, butyl, isobutyl, isopropyl)
Propylene glycol
Quaternium 15





2) Protect yourself from the sun
The skin on our lips can be especially susceptible to sunburns. While many lip products include sun protection, choose one with zero or low health concern ingredients.

We’ve rated 290 lip balm with SPF products, these 4 are among the products with the highest health ratings.

chapstick lip moisturizerLypsyl lip







kiss my face






3) Moisturize
Vulnerable to the drying effects of wind and cold air, you can help protect and heal dry chapped lips by choosing a product that includes hydrating ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E and almond or coconut oils.

With over 1,000 products reviewed and rated in the lip balm category, here are 3 of the top health rated products.

body shop lip

honeybee gardens lip

alaffia lip

4) Soothe
For irritated or sunburned lips, aloe vera and mint are good ingredients to look for. Both plants have soothing properties that can help bring immediate relief to sensitive skin.

Looking to soothe your lips? Here are 2  products that have soothing ingredients and high health ratings.

Dr Bronners lip

Badger lip care






5) Skip the scented and matte lipsticks

Lip products made with fragrances and silicone based ingredients can add to the dehydration of your skin, plus many have been flagged with varying health concerns.

With reviews for over 4,000 of the best lip gloss and lip tint products, here are 3 of the top health rated products featuring natural pigments and no ingredients that raise health concerns.

real purity lip Burt's Bees lip gloss






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